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Authors who would like to submit their conference paper to this Special Issue of Career Development International are offered to attend a Paper Development Workshop at the conference to receive feedback from the guest editors. If you would like to attend this workshop, please indicate this in your submission of your short paper on November 15, 2021. In preparation for this workshop, the CDI Guest Editors request that all submitters whose short papers have been accepted for the conference additionally submit their full papers via the conference system no later than February 01, 2022.

This Special Issue on SIEs aims to deepen our understanding of SIEs’ careers by focusing on the contextual influences of space, time and institutions on the heterogeneous SIE population. More specifically, this Special Issue sheds light on spatial conditions in terms of home and host country impacts on the self-initiated expatriation experience (e.g., transferability of career and human capital between countries) and looks at developments over time in terms of temporality of conditions and changes of SIEs’ life-course (e.g., adjustment and long-term career effects). Moreover, the contributions are envisaged to analyse the influence of the institutional and economic context in terms of occupational and organizational specificities on the heterogeneous SIE population.

Submissions to the Special Issue are open to participants attending the 2nd International Conference on Self-Initiated Expatriation and all other authors. Submissions to CDI open 30th April 2022 and the submission due date is 15th September 2022.

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