Anh Nguyen

In the 7th century, during the Tang Dynasty of Empire China, there was Li Bai – one of the most prominent scholar and poet in Chinese culture - who watched the bright moonlight during his far-away-from-home journey, and composed his famous poem "Quiet night thoughts" (Chuang Qian Ming Yue Guang): "Bright moonlight before my bed I suppose it is frost on the ground I raise my head to view the bright moon then lower it, thinking of my home village." (Translation from Li Bai composed these beautiful words when he was detaching from his homeland for the duties assigned by the Emperor of China (in modern and scientific term, he was an assigned expatriate in the ancient Chinese context). Typically, during this era, these types of journey lasted for an extended period (usually for years or decades), and this poem specifically expressed Li Bai's reminiscence [...]