Anh Nguyen

Expatriates within the pandemic: two sides of a same coin Is the pandemic always bad for expatriates’ quality of life? A study conducted on expatriates in three European countries reveals that the answer is: “not necessarily”. The research team implemented a survey asking more than 700 employed expatriates in United Kingdom, France and Germany to rate the pandemic’s impact on their quality of life. Topics included material comfort, health and safety, relationships (with immediate and extended family, friends), parenting, learning and development, self-awareness, work, helping others, socialization, and recreation. Results of the study revealed some unexpected patterns in the pandemic’s impact on expatriates’ life. The majority (50.8%) were, in general, not affected. However, 21.8% of the respondents, surprisingly, reported that the pandemic actually improved their life quality, especially in terms of learning and development, self-awareness, and relationships with partner; as well as helping them to appreciate their [...]