Rodrigo Mello

If I were asked to choose a song to summarize my international experiences I would definitely pick the Clash song, Should I Stay or Should I Go. Turns out “let it go” is really a skill because it is not easy.

From 2010 to 2018, I not only jumped from county to country, but I expanded and stretched my mindset, and that is part of who I am. Vaasa, therefore, came to write one more chapter of this intense, confusing and exciting journey.

From a business position in Rio de Janeiro to a Ph.D. candidate and project researcher opportunity placed at the University of Vaasa, this chapter now will be “written” under the umbrella of GLOMO networking and warmly welcomed at the University of Vaasa. I have learned to consider barriers as opportunities to evolve. So far, the coldness of the Finnish winter has been teaching me to go out every time the sunshine “knocks in my door”, the high volume of snowflakes is pushing to learn skiing; the difficulty of the language has been helping me to increase awareness of cultural differences, and the distance of my family shows me how little things matter. I express their importance in my life every day.

So, GLOMO is my new challenge, and Vaasa is my new mentor and family. GLOMO gives me purpose and meaning to life, and Vaasa teaches me how to go through it. I feel so privileged as I can contribute to a field that matters to me and might help others in the process.

Rodrigo Mello is working on subproject 04, which will analyse the longer-term career impacts of international work experiences among different types of international professionals, the development during international work experiences using career capital theory as well as their impacts on future career choices. See full description here

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