Anh Nguyen

Expatriates within the pandemic: two sides of a same coin Is the pandemic always bad for expatriates’ quality of life? A study conducted on expatriates in three European countries reveals that the answer is: “not necessarily”. The research team implemented a survey asking more than 700 employed expatriates in United Kingdom, France and Germany to rate the pandemic’s impact on their quality of life. Topics included material comfort, health and safety, relationships (with immediate and extended family, friends), parenting, learning and development, self-awareness, work, helping others, socialization, and recreation. Results of the study revealed some unexpected patterns in the pandemic’s impact on expatriates’ life. The majority (50.8%) were, in general, not affected. However, 21.8% of the respondents, surprisingly, reported that the pandemic actually improved their life quality, especially in terms of learning and development, self-awareness, and relationships with partner; as well as helping them to appreciate their [...]

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Anh Nguyen

In the 7th century, during the Tang Dynasty of Empire China, there was Li Bai – one of the most prominent scholar and poet in Chinese culture - who watched the bright moonlight during his far-away-from-home journey, and composed his famous poem "Quiet night thoughts" (Chuang Qian Ming Yue Guang): "Bright moonlight before my bed I suppose it is frost on the ground I raise my head to view the bright moon then lower it, thinking of my home village." (Translation from https://eastasiastudent.net) Li Bai composed these beautiful words when he was detaching from his homeland for the duties assigned by the Emperor of China (in modern and scientific term, he was an assigned expatriate in the ancient Chinese context). Typically, during this era, these types of journey lasted for an extended period (usually for years or decades), and this poem specifically expressed Li Bai's reminiscence [...]

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Emilija Oleskeviciute

Being a student was, still is and most likely always will be a big part of my life. After all, you live while you learn… Right? I can say that Bachelor studies in Lithuania, exchange studies in Czech Republic, and Master’s degree in the Netherlands prepared me well for a PhD journey in United Kingdom. Even though student life and status feels so natural, researcher’s status as an employee is something new to me! Dual employee and student status in Cranfield University comes with many privileges and duties. Being able to travel by bus to work with a student discount and entering the University with an employee card is one of the many privileges. Having a busy schedule, on the other hand, could represent the duties. As a research fellow and a PhD candidate I have many meetings with other students and at the same time [...]

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Anh Nguyen

GLOMO provided me with opportunities to communicate with and learn from colleagues who find their ways from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures to come to Europe for one meaningful goal. As an expatriate myself, I was initially inquisitive about how my working and daily life would look like in a destination which is 9,486 km far away from my home. Germany apparently has a distinct culture, weather condition, working practices, societal system, and norms. I have then figured out that the weather is substantially different, it can become extremely chilly to me, not like the one in the tropical region where I lived, where you can come outside all the time and enjoy the sunshine your friends. Although it is not likely to happen here, you can still spend a wonderful night in a cozy diner with other expatriates when it’s raining outside. You can still [...]

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Rodrigo Melo

If I were asked to choose a song to summarize my international experiences I would definitely pick the Clash song, Should I Stay or Should I Go. Turns out “let it go” is really a skill because it is not easy. From 2010 to 2018, I not only jumped from county to country, but I expanded and stretched my mindset, and that is part of who I am. Vaasa, therefore, came to write one more chapter of this intense, confusing and exciting journey. From a business position in Rio de Janeiro to a Ph.D. candidate and project researcher opportunity placed at the University of Vaasa, this chapter now will be “written” under the umbrella of GLOMO networking and warmly welcomed at the University of Vaasa. I have learned to consider barriers as opportunities to evolve. So far, the coldness of the Finnish winter has been teaching [...]

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Ivan Olav Vulchanov

My first three months as a Ph.D. candidate at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and an early stage researcher in GLOMO have offered an exciting and educational experience. I have already learned a lot about the research environment in CBS, and I am already looking forward to spending the next three years working on my project here. During the start-up phase, I was welcomed and given the necessary support to find my way in a new institution and department. Support from my supervisor, colleagues and fellow Ph.D.s has made it easy to adjust both from a social and academic perspective. Working in an inspiring environment is crucial to motivate any Ph.D. candidate, and the Department of Management, Society and Communication at CBS is ideal for an early stage researcher working on an interdisciplinary project in business. The department hosts academics from most disciplines in social sciences and [...]

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