Being a student was, still is and most likely always will be a big part of my life. After all, you live while you learn… Right? I can say that Bachelor studies in Lithuania, exchange studies in Czech Republic, and Master’s degree in the Netherlands prepared me well for a PhD journey in United Kingdom. Even though student life and status feels so natural, researcher’s status as an employee is something new to me!

Dual employee and student status in Cranfield University comes with many privileges and duties. Being able to travel by bus to work with a student discount and entering the University with an employee card is one of the many privileges. Having a busy schedule, on the other hand, could represent the duties. As a research fellow and a PhD candidate I have many meetings with other students and at the same time many meetings with other employees from the Cranfield University. Such agenda makes me work hard on my project management and most importantly time management skills which can be both a bit painful and rewarding at the same time.

It can be a hard work to manage both employee and student responsibilities. However, it comes with a prize – many new acquaintances (see the picture with other PhD students from Cranfield University bellow), a lot of diverse and enriching experiences, and knowledge which already starts to build strong groundwork for my further professional and career path!

Emilija Oleskeviciute is working on subproject 02, concerned with individuals’ perception of career capital impact, career patterns and work-life satisfaction as well as self-initiated repatriates’ identity, their career-relevant networks and their use of (foreign-acquired) career capital. See full description here

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