Ivan Vulchanov

My first three months as a Ph.D. candidate at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and an early stage researcher in GLOMO have offered an exciting and educational experience. I have already learned a lot about the research environment in CBS, and I am already looking forward to spending the next three years working on my project here. During the start-up phase, I was welcomed and given the necessary support to find my way in a new institution and department. Support from my supervisor, colleagues and fellow Ph.D.s has made it easy to adjust both from a social and academic perspective.

Working in an inspiring environment is crucial to motivate any Ph.D. candidate, and the Department of Management, Society and Communication at CBS is ideal for an early stage researcher working on an interdisciplinary project in business. The department hosts academics from most disciplines in social sciences and humanities, which means fruitful discussions are likely to pop up in lunches and corridor encounters. The department’s international profile with the presence of many languages is an exciting place for me as well, as I am researching how language practices influence international workplaces. I am therefore myself experiencing some of the phenomena I will be researching over the next few years.

Ivan Olav Vulchanov is working on subproject 10, which will analyse and identify the challenges different kinds of international assignees encounter regarding sense making and language in an unfamiliar organisational context. See full description here https://glomo.eu/projects/

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